I often have women tell me that they don’t like having their photo taken, that they would prefer to be the one taking photos of their family. Perhaps this is a job that’s a little by default, you know, if we don’t take the photo then it’ll probably never happen. As women (to generalise for a moment), we want to make sure that we capture those events, the milestones, to savour the moment, to make sure we have a visible record, particularly of our children as they grow. Unfortunately that means for some of us that we don’t exist in photos for a vast span of time. Sure, we might be in the odd photograph with our kids here or there, possibly in some candid shot quickly snapped on our iPhone which we never look at again, but we never really think about having beautiful, professional photographs taken of ourselves, literally by ourselves.

One trend that I am really noticing at the moment is a milestone glamour photo shoot that women are requesting. Often it’s to celebrate a special birthday such as a thirtieth, fortieth or fiftieth, or it’s to celebrate a transformation such a weight loss. I honestly think this is a fabulous way to really make them feel special, feel beautiful and build their confidence, and it’s an excuse to go shopping and buy something a little glamorous! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I love an excuse to step out of my jeans or leggings and put on something a little special that makes me feel incredible.

A glamour photo session gives you more than just great photographs of yourself. You will walk out of my studio feeling confident in knowing that you can celebrate the strong, beautiful woman that you are today.