There is so much to say when it comes to talking about our Mums.

A Mum is the one we call our very first friend, the person we trust the most in the world, the one who teaches us about life and to tie our shoe laces. They are selfless, allowing us to grow, forever putting our needs before their own. Taking us to dance practice, weekend sport, school drop off and pick ups, putting their lives on hold to give us the best chance we have. They are the ones nurturing us into the best version we can be of ourselves.

A Mum is like no other person in our life, and for most of us, they have a special place in our heart that nobody else can ever take the place of.

Mother’s Day, Sunday 12th of May, is a day we set aside to give thanks to the wonderful things that our Mum does for us, the things we are thank full for every single day.

Let’s make the month of May all about Mums;

  • the Mums who we are lucky enough to still have with us
  • the Mums who are sadly no-longer here with us but who live on in our hearts
  • the Mums who we wish we could see more often
  • the women in our lives who are the just like a Mum to us
  • the women who long to be a Mum and should be a Mum
  • and those Mums without Mums

Let’s celebrate all the Mums out there.