As most of you would know, my photography has grown over the years, but quite significantly over the last two years in particular. I have found MY style, a way of capturing children that is emotive and unique to me, a way that I can honestly say makes my heart sing!

I am the first to admit that my style is not everyone's cup of tea, in fact I've had people tell me that I make children look miserable, however the response that I receive from people who love my work is incredible, especially when it's from some of the very best in the international photographic industry.

I wasn't planning on entering any awards this year, but I forced myself at the last minute. This afternoon when judging was announced, I was taken aback, I received a number of Bronze Awards, but this one in particular I am incredibly proud of as it received a Silver Award. It's not easy to achieve a Silver, in fact I honestly didn't expect it!! Judging is meticulous, they look at every single element of an image, styling, lighting, editing, posing, expression, connection to the viewer, composition, the list goes on. So to say I am proud is an understatement, I am so incredibly excited!!

Thank you to all of those who support me in my photographic journey, the ones who help me to live my dream and do what I love each and every day. And thank you to those who spread the word and tell their friends and help keep this little dream a reality for me.