Wil is at that age where he isn’t a kid anymore, but he isn’t quite a teenager, he is a tween-ager. It’s a huge time of growth, discovery and an introduction to a little bit of independence.

A tweens body is growing so rapidly that sometimes they seem to grow an inch taller over night, or at least skip a couple of shoe sizes. It’s the time in a child’s life where you can be looking into their eyes one minute and see that tiny baby that they were not too long ago and then in the next moment, you can see just how grown up they are and they seem to be so much wiser and aware of life than they were the day before.

I always used to hear people tell me to enjoy the little things, to cherish the time of them being little while it lasted, that it went by so very fast. And yes, I completely understand what that means now that my kids are growing up, as I try to make the most of soaking up every last bit of their childhood. So, let them be little just a little while longer. Don’t let them grow up too quickly, keep them close, there is plenty of time to explore the big wide world.