As a Melbourne Family Portrait Photographer, my absolute favourite subject to photograph is children.

Children grow up so quickly, and it's important to capture their childhood in a beautiful and timeless way. I believe that creating a beautiful portrait of a child doesn’t always mean they have to be smiling and laughing. In fact, I believe that when children are a little more serious or contemplative, that’s when the true essence of the child is revealed, when you look deep into their eyes, when the wonder of the world really shows. Having your children photographed in my Melbourne photography studio is one of the best ways to capture this time.

My studio sessions are designed to allow your child to feel comfortable and relaxed. I utilise my professional training, dedication and patience to gently guide them into poses, even if they are feeling a little unsure about being in front of the camera. My goal is to create a collection of beautiful, emotive and pure images of your children that you will love forever.

Call me on 0413 583 487 to have a chat about how I can capture images of your children that you will love forever.


Our children. Our greatest gift. Childhood is a time when they see the world with innocence in their eyes and wonder in their heart.


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Our children grow up so fast, one minute they are a tiny newborn in our arms, then they are learning to walk, suddenly it’s their first day of school, the next they are about to say goodbye to those primary school years. The time literally does disappear in the blink of an eye.

Family portraits Melbourne girl wearing Ted Baker feather cape
Portrait of girl wearing black dress sitting on an antique timber chair
nigerian siblings sitting for Melbourne Family portrait photographer
little girl looks like Wednesday Adams photoshoot
Melbourne Family Photographer portrait of siblings wearing pale pink
pretty sisters sitting on an antique chair for a Melbourne photographer
little girl wearing a Country Road silk top sitting on a vintage chair
Portrait of sisters wearing burgundy dresses, timeless family portraits Melbourne
photo of a young boy by Melbourne portrait photographer
Artist family portrait of a girl in a Dare Gallery Baroque chair in black
photo of a Nigerian girl wearing a bow in her hair by Melbourne Portrait Photographer Kelly Stephens
photo os a teenage girl taken to celebrate her birthday by Kelly Stephens Photography
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fine art style portrait of a girl with red hair and blue eyes wearing a blue dress
photo of three sisters wearing feathers and flowers


"Kelly is supremely talented in fine art photography. The photos she took of our family I will treasure for a very very long time and exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Kelly."