To hire a professional photographer or just a friend with a camera is a common debate amongst many people. Sure you might be helping out a friend by giving them a few extra dollars to take some photos on that really good camera they have just bought, but the benefits of hiring a professional photographer far outweigh the benefits of going with your friend.

Firstly, a professional photographer spends years mastering their craft, developing their own style and perfecting techniques. They attend photography workshops, they study the work of the best photographers in the industry and they may have even completed a university degree in photography. Whilst a formal qualification is not necessarily something that sets a professional photographer apart from a hobbyist photographer, but the training they complete is nothing to be sneezed at. Photography isn’t a skill that one develops instantly, it requires lots of practice, trial and error and understanding to consistently produce photos of a high standard. It’s about learning how to use light to create a particular look, effect and emotion, and who doesn’t love a photo that oozes with emotion, especially when it’s a photo of our child.

The advantages of hiring a professional photographer is that you are going to receive good quality, professionally printed photographs that are not only going to look amazing, they will last the test of time. Whilst you may get a cd or usb of digital files with a non-professional photographer all for less than you’d pay for a family meal out at the pub, I can almost 100% guarantee that you get what you pay for. Isn’t it a tried old testament that quality over quantity prevails? And after all, what are you going to do with that CD of hundreds of images apart from having it sit in a drawer for the next ten years? Most professional photographers will include digital files with the prints you purchase. That way you have beautiful quality professionally printed photographs that you can hang on the wall along with the high resolution digital file that you can upload to Facebook or Instagram and have for safe keeping. A professional photographer will spend time editing and retouching your photos to an exceptionally high standard and will present you with a beautiful finished image, ready for you to show with pride, they also have access to some incredible photographic products that are not available to the public. There’s nothing like having a professionally printed photograph when you compare the quality to that of a print made at a cheap photo kiosk such as Officeworks or Kmart, the colours are never the same, they often come out too dark or sometimes even washed out, even the photographic paper that is used is a whole other level of quality.

A professional photographer is going to produce your photos with love and care, after all it’s their reputation that’s at stake. There’s nothing better than going to the photography studio to view your images and select the ones you would like to take home with you. I personally invite my clients to come back to my studio in The Basin where they will view all of their images printed, matted and displayed on the wall. It provides them with the opportunity to look up close at each image, choose the photos they love and take them home on the day. The hassle of looking for a print lab and the worry about choosing brightness levels, contrast and colour balance has been taken care of already. All you need to do is decide where to show them off!

By having your children and family photographed in my studio in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, you are going to receive timeless, quality photos that you will love as much in twenty years time as you will today. We will work together to design a photo session that will give you the family portraits you have always dreamed of. By coming to my studio you will have access to the exclusive range of clothing and props that I have available for you to use, and I promise you will find the experience relaxing, enjoyable and stress-free as I guide you with patience and expertise into poses that will flatter you and make you look and feel amazing. By choosing me to photograph your family, you will be taking advantage of my 15 years of experience, during which time I have photographed hundreds of newborns, countless family photo sessions, Mummy and Me photo sessions, Mum and kids glamour photo sessions, and my favourite - fine art childrens photography, all right here in Melbourne.

If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to have a portrait session with me, fill in your details here and we can set up a time to chat about updating your family portraits!